AirDrop: Transfer Data between Apple Devices Wirelessly

In some situations you may need to send photos, videos, websites, locations, and many other contents to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac. How to transfer content between your Apple devices [...]

‘Finder for AirPods’ App was Removed from App Store

Apple’s Wireless AirPods  This Monday Apple reportedly removed an app called Finder for AirPods from its App Store. This app can help iPhone users track down their missing AirPods. When [...]

Multiple Ways to Fix Safari Loading Page Issues

Encounter not loading problem when using Safari? A page repeatedly reloads or redirects in Safari? Or it loads only some elements while the video, images are not displayed on the page? Read [...]

How to Fix White Screen Issue for Your Mac

Recently we notice some reports that Mac users might encounter white screen issue after they upgrade macOS to the latest Sierra, and the computer just get stuck on the screen after a start up [...]

Apple Introduces Report Junk Option to Deal with Calendar Spam

“Apple Introduces Report Junk Option to Deal with Calendar Spam” For the past few weeks Apple users has reported the increasing amount of spam invite notifications pushed out by their iCloud [...]

Apple Allows Its AI Researchers to Publish Findings

“Apple allows its AI researchers to publish findings and engage with acdemic activities” Apple is reported to have made some changes on its extreme secrecy attitude toward research [...]

Security: Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for Your Apple ID

About three years ago Apple introduced two-step verification to help improve user security. This year it rolled out an improved verification method (two-factor authentication) for all Apple [...]

How to Import Your notes to Notes on Mac, iPhone or iPad

“How to Import Your notes to Notes on Mac” Mac users can import many formats of notes to the built-in Notes app, and the supporting formats include .txt, .rtf, .rtfd, .html, and .enex [...]

Auto-Empty Trash
How can Set An Auto-Empty Feature on Trash in Sierra

When you need to delete some files or other subject on a Mac computer, I believe that we all know drag them to the Trash, but do you often forget to empty the Trash to free up the disk space [...]

Mac error issue
Welcome to – Mac Error Database and Resolutions

Mackintosh has been the most popular computer in the world now, and more and more people would like to change to use this advanced computer for work, entertainment, or other needs. Even though, [...]

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