AirDrop: Transfer Data between Apple Devices Wirelessly

  • 2017.01.18
  • admin

In some situations you may need to send photos, videos, websites, locations, and many other contents to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac. How to transfer content between your Apple devices wirelessly? What’s the fast way to share specific information from iPhone to Mac? AirDrop is what you need to accomplish this task.

To use AirDrop to send content from iPhone to Mac and Mac to iPhone, firstly make sure both devices can use AirDrop, and then set it up properly. Here’s how to do:

Now you have set up the AirDrop on both devices. Here’s how to transfer data.

To send items from your Mac computer, do the followings: launch the Finder and select AirDrop in the sidebar to open a window > as the AirDrop window displays nearby AirDrop users, drag one or more files to the recipient’s image, and click Send.

You can also control-click a file in the Finder, then choose Share form the shortcut menu, and choose AirDrop from the listed sharing options. Now you can select a recipient from the AirDrop sheet, and click Done to start the transfer.

The recipient you selected then may be asked to accept the file before it is save to the device. If you transfer items between different devices using the same iCloud account, it will be automatically accepted and saved. By default, the file saved on a Mac will appear on the Downloads folder, while on an iOS device it appears in appropriate app.

To send items from iPhone: tab the content you want to share, then tab Share button that appears, and tap the name of a nearby AirDrop user or the Apple device. If you cannot find the a nearby user, make sure to turn off personal hotspot on that device.

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