Apple Introduces Report Junk Option to Deal with Calendar Spam

  • 2016.12.14
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“Apple Introduces Report Junk Option to Deal with Calendar Spam”

For the past few weeks Apple users has reported the increasing amount of spam invite notifications pushed out by their iCloud calendars. Spam senders insert sale invites into valid user emails and explore iCloud bug to display advertisements on users’ Notifications Center. Following the users’ reports, Apple acknowledged the spam problem and promised to work on a fix. Now the company introduces a new “Report Junk” option in the iCloud calendar web portal to deal with calendar spam invites.

To utilize the Report Junk feature to get rid of received spam, do the followings:


You will be prompted that the invitation has been reported as junk. The invites sent by the reported name will be automatically deleted from the calendar, and the deletion will sync to all your calendar using the same iCloud account on other Apple devices. The sender’s details are presumably reported to Apple for further investigation.

Apparently it is not an ultimate solution to stop all spammy invites that you might be receiving. This Report Junk option just try to limit the number by letting you manually mark them as junk, and it only works online so that you will have to go to to activate the feature. Right now you can not directly mark spammy calendar invites as spam on your iPhone or Mac, but it is quite possible that Apple will introduce the feature for mobile devices in upcoming iOS and macOS releases.

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