‘Finder for AirPods’ App was Removed from App Store

  • 2017.01.11
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Apple’s Wireless AirPods 

This Monday Apple reportedly removed an app called Finder for AirPods from its App Store. This app can help iPhone users track down their missing AirPods.

When Apple’s highly-anticipated AirPods went on sale a few day ago, there is a major concern for current and future owner of the Bluetooth earbuds: what if their AirPods is lost or stolen? Actually, Apple does not offer sort of Find-My-AirPods function or any anti-theft measure to help protect your lightweight and tiny wireless earbuds. If one of your AirPods is lost or stolen, you will have buy a new one, which costs $69.

So an iOS developer named Deucks launched an application called Finder for AirPods to assist users in finding a lost AirPods nearby. This app measures Bluetooth signal strength from a lost AirPod to help locate it. To find a AirPod with this app, users first choose which AirPod is missing, then place the available one in the Charging Case, and use an iOS device paired with the available AirPod to begin searching the missing one. The closer you come with the missing AirPod, the stronger the signal shows, and that help you narrow down the location of target AirPod into a specific zone.

“I actually lost one of my AirPods on the first day, I spent hours looking for it and then thought of making an app that will help me find them, which it did.” Deucks explained his inspiration. This app can be totally useless if your lost AirPod is out of Bluetooth range, but it is still an available solution to find AirPods, and only charges $3.99 in App Store (think about the $69 for a replacement AirPod). Before being removed from App Store, Finder for AirPods has received many positive reviews.

Apple did not mention the reason why Finder for AirPods app was pulled from the store. According to the creator of the app, “they (Apple) didn’t find anything wrong with the app itself, but rather they they didn’t like the ‘concept’ of people finding their AirPods and hence was deemed ‘not appropriate for the App Store’.” The app developer also informed that its users could request refunds via iTunes. To do so:

  1. Open iTunes on your iPhone and click View My Account in Account menu.
  2. Choose the See All under Purchase History, and locate Finder for AirPods app.
  3. Click the Report A Problem link and follow the prompts to complete refund request.

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