How to Import Your notes to Notes on Mac, iPhone or iPad

  • 2016.11.23
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“How to Import Your notes to Notes on Mac”

Mac users can import many formats of notes to the built-in Notes app, and the supporting formats include .txt, .rtf, .rtfd, .html, and .enex (Evernote XML export). Actually, it is quite easy to import notes on your Mac. Here are the detailed steps:

After the import is complete, you will see a new folder in the Notes app called imported Notes, and you can organize the notes there into any Notes folder you prefer.

Tips: 1. Your imported notes might look different from the original ones. If there is an attachment or feature that the Notes app does not support, it will be removed. 2. If you choose to store the notes in iCloud, you can automatically view them on any device where you sign in with your Apple ID. 3. If the notes that you’re importing are organized in folders, click Options in the lower-left corner and then “Preserve folder structure on import” to keep them organized the way they were in the folder.

To export selected notes, you just need to choose File menu > Export as PDF.

Some iPhone/iPad users who do not have a Mac wonder how to import .enex file on their devices. Well, you can use Mail or iCloud Drive to perform the task. First of all, send yourself the .enex file via email, or save it to iCloud Drive from your computer.

Option 1: Mail

  1. Open Mail app, and tap the email with the .enex file you want to import to Notes.
  2. Touch and hold the file, and then tap Add to Notes to begin the download first.
  3. As a confirmation message pops up, tap Import to start importing the notes.

Option 2: iCloud Drive

  1. Open iCloud Drive and locate the file that you want to import to Notes.
  2. Touch and hold the file, and choose More from the options that appear.
  3. Tap Add to Notes, and then tap Import after the download is complete.

Now you know how to import notes to your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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