Multiple Ways to Fix Safari Loading Page Issues

  • 2016.12.27
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Encounter not loading problem when using Safari? A page repeatedly reloads or redirects in Safari? Or it loads only some elements while the video, images are not displayed on the page? Read through this tutorial to fix Safari loading issues.

If you just happen to meet Safari loading issues, first check if the network works fine, and you can launch other browsers like Firefox or Chrome to have a test. If that only happens in Safari, you can take the following methods one by one to fix the issues.

Way 1: check Parental Controls

Why some pages or page elements cannot load normally? That happens when you are using a user account that are restricted by Parental Contorls or other web filtering software, and those related sites are not included in the permission list. If you are in this case, check with your administrator to see if you can get access to these sites.

Way 2: check Safari extensions

Not loading issues also happen when some 3rd party extentions installed in Safari block certain website contents (such as ads) from displaying. To verify that, you can turn off all extensions temporarily and reload the page to see if the issue persists.


If the page loads normally,then one or more extensions must be blocking the conten from loading. You can test those extensions one by one to determin the related one(s).

Way 3: remove cookies, caches & other data

Here are two cases. If your Safari cannot load pages from one site, you can remove the data related to the site stored in Safari to see if that helps. If you cannot open pages from multiple sites, try to clear up the website data and history as a fix.

To delete data related to one certain sites that doesn’t load, do the followings:

If you wan to delete the website data for all of the sites and pages you’ve ever visited:


Way 4: disable DNS prefetchi

Sometimes the root for Safari loading issues lies in your DNS server or your router that are affected by DNS prefetching. You can use a different DNS service to see if the issue is related to your selected DNS servers. If the issue persists, do the followings to learn how to disable DNS prefetching to help solve the problem.

Does your issues recur after testing all the methods provided above? If all solutions you can find fail to work, you can contact Apple Support for help.


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