Security: Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for Your Apple ID

  • 2016.11.30
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About three years ago Apple introduced two-step verification to help improve user security. This year it rolled out an improved verification method (two-factor authentication) for all Apple devices running iOS 9 or later and OS X El Capitan or later. Since your Apple ID contains your personal information on the device, it is a significant measure to secure your account using the latest two-factor authentication.

Security: Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for Your Apple ID

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, relies on two components: user’s Apple ID, and a secondary device that has already been authenticated and could receive a verification code whenever a new authentication is requested. Once you turn it on, each new device attempting to access to an Apple account will be asked to offer verification from another trusted device. This feature is used to prevent the loss if your Apple ID’s credentials are stolen. Then how to set it up on your Apple device?

To enable two-step authentication via your device running iOS 9 or later:

If you are setting up a new iOS device that meets all system requirements, you will see this prompt during the setup assistant. All you need to do is to tap Continue and enter a valid phone number, the two-factor authentication will turn on automatically.


Note that if you have enabled two-step verification, you will need to turn it off before enabling two-factor authentication. So, head to the Apple ID website, sign in, and then you can select Edit in the Security section to turn off two-step verification from there.


You can also turn on this authentication on a Mac running OS X El Capitan or later:

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